F Ā R Ā H is our Eid collection, it's a stunning and diverse array of fabrics! It features five unique types of materials which is Chiffon with metallic lines, available in both hard and smooth textures, and adorned with colorful and abstract prints to cater to various tastes. Chiffon with a checkered base, woven with jacquards in ombre shades for a versatile look suitable for day and night. Cotton with playful polka dots, adding a vintage touch to the collection. Georgette satin, exuding luxury and elegance with its luminous sheen.

This collection offers a wide range of textures, patterns, and colors, ensuring something for everyone. From modern and sleek to classic and vintage, each fabric is carefully crafted to create a unique and stunning Sudanese wear collection.

Collaborating with ELHAM JEWELRY for gold sets as a main collaborator for the whole campaign, ISRAA SALIH BEAUTY for hair styling and nails, and ABEER MAHMOUD for makeup is a fantastic partnership that adds a comprehensive touch to the Farah Collection. incorporating jewelry, beauty, and styling expertise. It's a thoughtful approach to delivering a complete and cohesive experience for those engaging with your collection, Bags from WOW BAGS.