Amnawardrobe's Founder, Amna Hamdto is originally from Sudan, however, she was raised in Sudan and started from scratch there before she moved to the UAE. Brand Found in 2018 by Amna Hamdto, she's a Passionate and sophisticated lover for fashion and likes to share it with the world through her Brand. and also a Certified Make-up Artist, Amnaswardrobe for Amna is big heart soul with a positive reflection of life dreamer, with that drive she successfully managed to establish a Fashion journey as an Entrepreneur and Started This Fashion Brand beside her Make-up Passion and Job. 
Amna Said
'' I found my self into fashion as well with the time after I started my Fashionista journey beside the Makeup, I Started by Creating unique pieces for my self that I couldn't find in the market, and with the time my designs adored by the community around me with that drive I started the fashion line, I wanted to design a clothing line that was unlike any other, one with a meaningful foundation combined with something that could be practical and easily transformed from day tonight. I have always been drawn towards fabrics. I feel like the fabrics and Unique accessorize as bags and jewelry speak to me and with that line of communication, I fell in love instantly.  In the fabrics and shopping store, Most of my wardrobe is designed by me but tailored by a professional. With time Eventually, my personal designs become a public interest, The fashion line ''Amnaswardrobe'' was merely a thought, an idea. The decision was impulsive. The idea is now a reality. Ending up launched this fashion line has been a tough but beautiful struggle. I have had numerous setbacks and downfalls. However, Today I am sure about one thing. Make it work. Find the right environment and tools to nurture your talents and inspirations for everyday morning and never give up in doing so ''