About us

Amnaswardrobe Found in 2018 by Amna Hamdto, she's a Passionate and sophisticated lover for fashion and likes to share it with the world through her Brand. and also a Certified Make-up Artist, Amnaswardrobe for Amna is a big heart soul with a positive reflection of life dreamer, with that drive she successfully managed to establish a Fashion journey as an Entrepreneur and Started This Fashion Brand beside her Make-up  Passion and Job. 

As she started her journey in Sudan before moving to the UAE, it was a poor market for her to dance and it was all about inspiring her self to work every day more and more in Sudan with a lack of Fashion and beauty Basics Materials.

Amna Hamdto Said

'' I found my self into fashion as well with the time after I started my Fashionista journey beside the Makeup, I have always been drawn towards fabrics. I feel like the fabrics and Unique accessorize as bags and jewelry speak to me and with that line of communication, I fell in love instantly.  In the fabrics and shopping store, Most of my wardrobe is designed by me but tailored by a professional. With time Eventually, my personal designs become a public interest, The fashion line ''Amnaswardrobe'' was merely a thought, an idea. The decision was impulsive. The idea is now a reality. Ending up launched this fashion line has been a tough but beautiful struggle. I have had numerous setbacks and downfalls. However, Today I am sure about one thing. Make it work. Find the right environment and tools to nurture your talents and inspirations and never give up in doing so''